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EV Charging


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Charge your EV in 1 hour with the incredible, technologically advanced BOOST CHARGER™ by FREEWIRE. In a hurry? Our premium charging can supply your EV with up to 100 miles of power in just 10 minutes. Use the Activity Management Platform (AMP) for full visibility into the status of your charge. Bright LEDs make keeping track easy while you get the goods at The Pit Stop Market nearby. Watch in comfort as the large green bar fills to the top, indicating your progress. Deliver up to 480 miles of range with a complete single charge thanks to lithium-ion energy storage and power-boosting, high-density silicon carbide technology.

Each of our Boost Chargers has two stalls. That means we have room for up to four EVs on our universally compatible stations. Boasting a peak output of 120kW, 24” LCD screens, and no-contact RFID payment, this is ultrafast charging made simple.